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Things I am tinkering with:

Batch HTML Validator
Small Perl script that sends a list of URLs to the W3C validator (or preferably your local instance) and displays the results.
Tiny plugin to display your StatusNet Bookmarks.
Small Irssi script that adds character count to your statusbar. Useful if you interact with Twitter, StatusNet (like or other ┬Áblogs through Bitlbee or otherwise.
StatusNet plugin that allows visitors to get the necessary HTML to embed a notice on a webpage.
gnu-fm theme
Port of "sidebar sucks" WordPress theme for gnu-fm
MediaGoblin Theme
Port of "sidebar sucks" WordPress theme for MediaGoblin
Port of "sidebar sucks" WordPress theme for StatusNet.
StatusNet plugin to display a user's notices that were favored by others
Shaarli to StatusNet
Adds a simple "Share to StatusNet" link to your Shaarli installation
SN Checks
Quick & dirty utility to find out if someone's following you on StatusNet/identica
Social Analytics
StatusNet Plugin that shows stats for users
StatusNet group alias importer
PHP script to import StatusNet group aliases to your local instance.
StatusNet Querycard
Hovercards for StatusNet @-mentions
Tiny Tiny RSS to StatusNet
A "Tiny Tiny RSS" plugin that adds the ability to share links from tt-rss to a StatusNet instance (such as identica)
Tiny tweaks over the original. "Provides access to the W3Cs online HTML validator [or your local instance]."
XHTML 1.0 Strict to HTML5 batch conversion. Contains two components: a browser-based converter and a Dreamweaver extension. Browser-based converter demo here.

Translations French interface
French translation for